Winter: A New Beginning

5 Jan

Welcome to Winter Monroe! The New Year has just arrived, and what better time to check off a few of those pending resolutions. As I awkwardly type this first blog post, I realize I’m beginning to fulfill one of my long-awaited desires, to share my thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. Wow I can actually call myself a blogger!!!! Does that mean my future consists of cold winter afternoons in my local Starbucks typing my latest discoveries, or my summers filled with beachside photography! Well I’m not a writer and far from a photographer but why not share my wonderful ideas and experiences through pictures and words. I have no idea where this blog will take me but I’m up for the adventure. Expect a clutter of posts at first, a random mix of food, decorating, fashion, and travel, maybe even a few hormonal rants. But rest assured I will find order in this thing you call blogging 🙂


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    […] (image from […]

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