22 Jan

Last night I stumbled upon a place that will now be my weekend go to for sipping tea and chilling out with friends, The Spot.  It’s a hookah lounge with great food and great music. The lounge is located in a strip mall but don’t let the location detour you. Once your inside you feel like you have stepped into the most happening spot in town. The atmosphere is almost that of a very trendy lounge or bar but without the alcohol. Surprisingly this joint stays open till 2am but they don’t serve alcohol.  They have a wide variety of tobacco, and by no means am I a smoker but it was kind of fun to take a few tokes! We got the watermelon-flavored tobacco, which was very mild and sweet. They have a pretty large dinner menu as well and the food was really good. The servers are very attentive and the prices are reasonable.

The lounge consists of rows and rows of tables and a few comfy looking Moroccan daybeds/couches (I will be reserving on of those next time). It’s pretty much all out doors except for one tent covered area. Don’t worry they have tons of heat lamps. There’s loud house music playing throughout and customers can request backgammon boards to play at their table. I don’t know, this place made me feel like I was half way across the world!!!! So if you’re in Los Angeles and u want to switch up your normal Saturday night routine and try something new, I really recommend this place. FYI expect a bit of a wait. They don’t take reservations and apparently its always super crowded.

P.S. sorry for the phone pics 😦


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