Moles, Moles, Y Moles

9 Feb

Wow I’m still full from yesterday. We had a Mexican buffet at school and man was it good. We made Enchiladas, Carnitas, Chile Rellenos, Shrimp Diablo, Scallop Ceviche, and the list goes on. One thing that really stood out to me though was the Moles we made. Mole is basically a Mexican sauce made of chili peppers and often times chocolate (I know weird for a savory dish). These sauces were spicy and  full of flavor!!! It was my first time making a mole but I think I will be adding it to my rotating menu.  🙂

{This was just half of the food we made, how is a girl supposed to stay fit in an environment like this!!!}

{Ceviche is a favorite of mine, it’s so light and refreshing}

{A few of the different moles we made}

I don’t know if this is a traditional Mole recipe but it’s one that we use at Le Cordon Bleu. I will be trying out different ones soon. There are various types of moles out there let me know if you find any you really like.  🙂

Mole Poblano

Ingredients (serves 10)

4 oz Ancho Chiles

2 oz Pasilla Chiles

2 oz Chili Mulato

4 oz Peanuts, raw

1.5 lbs tomaotes, ripe

10 lbs Turkey or Chicken

4 oz Lard

2 oz Pumpkin Seeds

1 lbs White Onion, sliced thin

1.5 oz Garlic Cloves

.5 lb Tomatillos

6 oz Raisins

1 Cinnamon Stick

½ tsp Freshly Ground Peppercorns

2 qts Chicken Stock

5 oz Mexican Chocolate, grated

salt to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
  2. In a dry sauté pan set over medium-low flame, toast chiles until the begin to turn fragrant and color slightly (be careful not to burn them). Remove the stems and set aside.
  3. Place the peanuts in the same pan, and toast them then set aside.
  4. Turn the heat to medium high. Once hot add the tomatoes and allow the skins to char. Remove from pan and set aside.
  5. Cut up your chicken or turkey.
  6. Add the lard to a braising pan large enough to hold all of the ingredients, melt until very hot.
  7. Season meat and sauté in the lard until golden brown then set aside.
  8. Drain excess fat from the pan, leaving about 2 Tbsp, and add the pumpkin seeds; fry them in the fat for 2 minutes, stirring the entire time.
  9. Lower the heat, and add the onion and garlic to the pan; sweat until tender and translucent.
  10. Add the meat back to the pot, along with the peanuts, tomatoes, chiles, tomatillos, raisins, cinnamon, pepper, and broth (but not the chocolate).
  11. Bring to a simmer, then cover and place in preheated oven. Braise for 1.5 hours.
  12. Remove the meat and the cinnamon stick from the pan, and transfer entire contents of the pan to blender; puree to a smooth paste.
  13. Return the sauce to the pan and over low heat add the grated chocolate; mix in to melt. If the sauce is too thick, it can be thinned with stock; if it’s too thin, reduce to proper consistency.


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  1. Jaimie February 23, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Wow Christine! your blog is very cool and very professional! i just realized I have no idea how to spell professional! it looks wierd to me! you and Ryan both look so cute! love ya,

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