Ginger-Soy Short Ribs

15 Feb

The weekdays can get pretty busy around here so I don’t always have time to come home and cook a warm meal. Thanks to my lovely slow cooker I’m able to start a meal before I head out for the day and when I come home the house smells like a five-star restaurant and dinner is ready! My husband is also a huge fan of our slow cooker because it allows me to cook tougher cuts of meat for long periods of time, which means lots of beef!!!! The meat comes out so tender and juicy after being braised for over 8 hours. In this case with the short ribs the meat was literally falling off the bone. So if you have a little time before work this is a great way to have a delicious home cooked meal any day of the week. I used this recipe found (here) and made a couple of changes. I added mushrooms, and of course I had to brown my meat first. I also made a double batch of the braising liquid because the amount the recipe calls for never seems to be enough.

{Vegetables: Carrots, mushrooms, and leeks}

{Double batch of the braising liquid with the addition of chili flakes because I love everything spicy}

{Short ribs before browning}

{Short ribs after browning, YUM}

{Sweat your aromatics so they can pick up all the good brown stuff on the bottom of the pan}

{Throw it all into your slow cooker}

{Eight hours later you will have this :)}



One Response to “Ginger-Soy Short Ribs”

  1. mark February 16, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    All winter long, dreams of savory, tender short ribs have been urging me to buy a new slow-cooker. I’ll get on TODAY! I can’t wait to try this great recipe, and SOON, before the 6 months of low-desert summer setttles in, here in the Valley of the Sun.

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