Mastro’s Steakhouse

18 Feb

My husband receives lots of gifts during the holidays but my all time favorite has to be the gift cards to yummy restaurants!!!! Last night we used his gift card to Mastro’s steak house in Beverly Hills and it was awesome!!! I’m not a huge fan of steak but the wagyu tomahawk was very pleasing to my palate 🙂 and how can you go wrong with Alaskan king crab and black truffle gnocchi. When you don’t have room for dessert you know the meal was good! All in all I give this place an A+ Sorry for the phone pics I didn’t bring my camera.

The shrimp cocktail was huge and it came on top of dry ice. It looked so beautiful and mysterious. The cocktail sauce was really spicy but so delicious, I could have eaten a dozen of these bad boys!!!!

The warm spinach salad was my favorite part of the dinner! It was just that good! It probably doesn’t look like anything special but the bacon was to die for and I don’t know what they put in there dressing but they should really bottle it up and sell it because I would be first in line to buy a case!!!

The burrata and heirloom tomato salad was also really good. I think I will start making this as an alternative to my regular caprese salads.

Ok I take that back, the spinach salad was my second favorite part of dinner!!!! This masterpiece was by far the best part!!!! Gnocchi covered in melted cheese and topped with Alaskan king crab and black truffles!!!! I will definitely be doing my best to duplicate this dish.

Obviously the steak was my husbands favorite part of dinner. I like steak but I can only eat a few pieces. This Wagyu Tomahawk was something special, it was super tender and juicy and at 32 ounces it definitely left us with full tummies and ready for a nap.


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