Olive and Thyme

5 Mar

I get so excited when I discover delicious new dining spots, I tend to want to sample everything on the menu in the first visit. This place Olive and Thyme falls nothing short of fantastic. It’s a tiny little café and marketplace in Toluca Lake CA. The menu is packed with fresh, unique sandwiches and salads, and the market has everything from imported wines and cheese to candles for the home.  The food was really tasty but the pastries and desserts are what got me hooked. I may have gone a little overboard but I had to try all of their best items so I could let you guys know how wonderful they are. 🙂

Chocolate, almond, and (my favorite) raspberry Macaroons. These things are seriously so good!!!! I don’t know how they pack all that delicious flavor into such little morsels.

Blackberry and Thyme muffins!!!! I love the addition of herbs in sweet dishes, it’s such an unexpected treat!

Salted caramel chocolate cookies!!!! I’m speechless…………..these things are ah-mazing!!!!!!

A+ on the mini red velvet cakes!!!! They are so dainty and cute!!!! I also got some homemade coconut marshmallows which were really good. I think I will be making more s’mores soon (yes I know I’m a little obsessed with s’mores but what else are you supposed to do with marshmallows). 🙂


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