Office Inspiration

10 Mar

I recently scored a really cool desk at the goodwill so I decided to remodel my whole office around it. I have been meaning to do this for a long time but somehow with all the other rooms in my house as a first priority this one space made its way to the bottom of the list. No longer the neglected child I will be putting all my time and energy into making this room fabulous!!!! Here are some photos of different office spaces that I’m pulling inspiration from.

{This is the awesome desk I found at the goodwill! Help others in need and get some really cool original stuff! The goodwill is a win win}

{love the idea of painting a table for a desk and all the eclectic decorations}

{love everything about this space! I want white wood floors :)}

{black glossy walls!!!}

{perfect chair for my desk but I would definitely have to add a cushion :)}

{nice color palette and love the collage of pics}

{super cute but I don’t know about pink}

{wow what a cool chair and there’s the chalkboard wall I was talking about :)}


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