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Olive and Thyme

5 Mar

I get so excited when I discover delicious new dining spots, I tend to want to sample everything on the menu in the first visit. This place Olive and Thyme falls nothing short of fantastic. It’s a tiny little café and marketplace in Toluca Lake CA. The menu is packed with fresh, unique sandwiches and salads, and the market has everything from imported wines and cheese to candles for the home.  The food was really tasty but the pastries and desserts are what got me hooked. I may have gone a little overboard but I had to try all of their best items so I could let you guys know how wonderful they are. 🙂

Chocolate, almond, and (my favorite) raspberry Macaroons. These things are seriously so good!!!! I don’t know how they pack all that delicious flavor into such little morsels.

Blackberry and Thyme muffins!!!! I love the addition of herbs in sweet dishes, it’s such an unexpected treat!

Salted caramel chocolate cookies!!!! I’m speechless…………..these things are ah-mazing!!!!!!

A+ on the mini red velvet cakes!!!! They are so dainty and cute!!!! I also got some homemade coconut marshmallows which were really good. I think I will be making more s’mores soon (yes I know I’m a little obsessed with s’mores but what else are you supposed to do with marshmallows). 🙂


Game Day

31 Jan

{I guess Tom Brady is another good reason to watch the Super Bowl}

I’m getting so excited for the big game!!! Not for the game itself but for all the delicious food I will be enjoying.  I could really care less about football although I do enjoy the occasional slip up during half-time. It seems like it has really become the perfect opportunity for a publicity stunt. You got to love your celebs 🙂 Anyway what a great time to host a party. So if you’r having a bunch of people over or even if it’s just you and your hubby here are some great Super Bowl ideas I came across.

{cute little football snacks here}

{chocolate covered strawberries that look super easy and fun, here}

{labels so your guest can keep track of their drinks here}

{my favorite: cupcakes here}

{chicken chili a great alternative to beef here}

{a game time must: pepperoni pizza here}

Favorite Five Friday: Restaurants under $10

27 Jan

These little gems are my five favorite, quick, inexpensive places (in Los Angeles) to grab a bite to eat. Oh and did I mention they are amazingly tasty. The research I had to endure to get you all these wonderful authentic pictures was brutal.  I had to eat at one of these joints every night this week!!!!! Please Christine, don’t volunteer to do something so horrific ever again. 🙂 Actually I couldn’t think of a better task for myself!!!! If you don’t know about these delicious places well now you do. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Number one on my list is White Rabbit, Filipino cuisine with Mexican-American flavors. This place is the bomb!!!! It’s located in Canoga Park and driving by you would probably never stop, but what if I told you they had burritos full of deep-fried pork belly, garlic fried rice, and a juicy fried egg!!!!! Words really can’t describe how wonderful it is, and the pictures aren’t doing it justice. If you have never had Filipino food you absolutely must try this place.  They also have a food truck so check and see when they will be in your area. No excuses people!!!! I recommend the pork belly burritos or tacos with anyone of their five delicious meats.

My second favorite is a little Mexican restaurant called Melody’s in Reseda. It’s the sister restaurant to another great place Las Fuentes. They are just down the street from each other but I prefer Melody’s because they have my favorite item, the hard shell chicken tacos. Don’t ask me why they don’t serve these at both locations, all I know is they are a must!!!!!  My order never changes , two hard shell tacos with rice and beans. I always leave satisfied yet eager to return.

I probably don’t even have to write anything about this place. The pictures speak for themselves. I’m drooling as I type this. Panini Cafe has multiple locations so you may have already experienced the joys of the chicken kabob, hands down my favorite item on the menu!!!!! It hits the spot every time and the best part is you get all of it for under $10. The servings are huge but somehow I always manage to clean my plate!!!! It’s just soooooooooo good!!!!!!

Number four on my list has multiple locations as well; Versailles is a Cuban restaurant that serves traditional Cuban food. Although everything on the menu is delicious, I love the #6 Roasted Garlic Chicken (I may have lied a little here! This plate is actually $11.99 but I promise the rest of my favorites are under $10). It comes with half a chicken, rice, beans, and yummy plantains. The chicken is smothered in their famous mojo sauce; they even sell this sauce/marinade so you can enjoy it at home. I always have a couple of bottles in my pantry. Once you try it you’ll be hooked. 🙂

Last but certainly not least is More than Waffles, it’s an award-winning breakfast joint in Encino and there’s always a crowd to prove it. There waffles literally melt in your mouth. I don’t know if it’s the light and crispy waffle or the melted clarified butter they put on top of it. Whatever it is they got it down because I have never had waffles so good! P.S. once again the picture isn’t doing it justice.