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Game Day

31 Jan

{I guess Tom Brady is another good reason to watch the Super Bowl}

I’m getting so excited for the big game!!! Not for the game itself but for all the delicious food I will be enjoying.  I could really care less about football although I do enjoy the occasional slip up during half-time. It seems like it has really become the perfect opportunity for a publicity stunt. You got to love your celebs 🙂 Anyway what a great time to host a party. So if you’r having a bunch of people over or even if it’s just you and your hubby here are some great Super Bowl ideas I came across.

{cute little football snacks here}

{chocolate covered strawberries that look super easy and fun, here}

{labels so your guest can keep track of their drinks here}

{my favorite: cupcakes here}

{chicken chili a great alternative to beef here}

{a game time must: pepperoni pizza here}